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Annelise is a simple baker running her own pastry shop. In a world where witches and fairies exist, a mix of reverse fairytale magic will send her life spiraling out of control. Who might come to her rescue but a prince?


Sweet, Sweet Fairytale is a non-profit Cinderella Phenomenon fan project.  It is highly recommended that you play Cinderella Phenomenon prior to playing this fan project! You can view Dicesuki's Cinderella Phenomenon game here.

Game Features:

30,000+ Words

3 Different Endings

16 Integrated Music Tracks

1 Original CG

1-2 Hours of Playtime

0 Sprites


As this is my first release of a game ever, there are bound to be bugs, typos, etc. If you find any of these or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to drop a line on my Tumblr page!

Install instructions

The game is a Twine file playable in any current version of Internet Explorer (10+), Chrome, Firefox, Safari (5+) & Opera. Simply download the file, unzip it, and open the HTML file in the folder to play.


SweetSweetFairytale.zip 83 MB

Development log


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I enjoyed this game so much! Your writing is so, so good ^^

I think you've conveyed Rod's disposition very accurately. And I've liked Annelise as a MC - she's determined, good-natured, can provide for herself, brave :) That's really awesome.
Ah, and music - I think it's really well-matched to the narrative and enhances the general mood.

But I've come here to beg for walkthrough XD
I can't reach that good ending - somehow I always end with "not wanting to break trust". Can you help me reach the best ending, pretty please? :D

Yay, I've reached it! It surely took some more bravery :D
Thanks for the game, Fairess!


Thank you so much for playing the game, Kelanael! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you -- over a year later, I'm so glad people are still taking the time to try out this fan project! The system for determining 'right' answers is pretty brutal, so for the sake of any other players, here's a basic walkthrough of the choices!

Chapter 1 They’re just pastries. Fight them off! | Handsome!

Chapter 2 Check out the clearing.

Chapter 3 It’s fine…

Chapter 4 Let them eat soufflé! | Look around town on your own.

Chapter 5 He’s been helping me. 

Chapter 6 No!

Chapter 7 You must truly care for your family.

Chapter 8 I am not! 

Chapter 9 If I must