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Annelise is a simple baker running her own pastry shop. In a world where witches and fairies exist, a mix of reverse fairytale magic will send her life spiraling out of control. Who might come to her rescue but a prince?


Sweet, Sweet Fairytale is a non-profit Cinderella Phenomenon fan project.  It is highly recommended that you play Cinderella Phenomenon prior to playing this fan project! You can view Dicesuki's Cinderella Phenomenon game here.

Game Features:

30,000+ Words

3 Different Endings

16 Integrated Music Tracks

1 Original CG

1-2 Hours of Playtime

0 Sprites


As this is my first release of a game ever, there are bound to be bugs, typos, etc. If you find any of these or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to drop a line on my Tumblr page!

Install instructions

The game is a Twine file playable in any current version of Internet Explorer (10+), Chrome, Firefox, Safari (5+) & Opera. Simply download the file, unzip it, and open the HTML file in the folder to play.


SweetSweetFairytale.zip 83 MB

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